With extensive experience in Presidential, Regional and Local campaigns. We conceptualize and give visual form to political ideas and strategies.




The first question is what are the axes of debate and to differentiate the axes of the issues. The topics are an important part in a campaign debate.

Unemployment, security, corruption, could be discussed. However, the axes are underlying, implicit in an election debate and therefore the axes are more important issues.


The comparative advantages are the motors from which a candidate or party could gain votes on his favor. These advantages can be a personal characteristic of a candidate, their individual image, government proposals and even the history of their party. These advantages make the difference between one or another candidate.


Concept is the soul of the campaign. The concept don’t need to be set in more than a phrase. The central concept is not an advertising slogan. The concept is built on the basis of data from public opinion and the most critical variables of the electoral arena.


Topics may be one of the major comparative advantages of a candidate. For our analysts don’t having a theme is not having a campaign and having topics is to start making a choice.


Electoral opponents are those with whom the votes are disputed. The adversary is not necessarily the one with whom should be discussed in a campaign. The first is the strategic battle while the second is the tactic that is expressed in communication.