Graduated from the Caracas Institute of Design in 2000, Leonardo began his career as an

industrial designer in the PGP Advertising Agency. Leo has participated in the makeover for

prestigious institutions such as Banco de Venezuela Grupo Santander, B.O.D., Movistar, and


In 2003, motivated by his passion for the marketing field, he received a degree in advertising. In

the same year he decideds to travel to London, England, where he explored the field of Graphic

Design, and Free LanceFreelance work. His work, studies, and experience was good enough to

make him a prestigiousprominent member of the group in charge of making over the global

image of the English real estate company, Colins Bibra.

Back in his hometown, Caracas, he obtained the position of Creative Manager in a

merchandising agency named Creative Platform. His work included developing new products

and brands for companies like Wolkswagen, BMW, Bancrecer, Excelsior Gamma and Puma.

In 2004, He he decided to create “La Metra Comunicaciones” with his partner Noelia Zubillaga,

a creative boutique specialized specializing in Graphic, Industrial & Web Design. Famous brands

and companies like INELECTRA, Coca-Cola, Banco Canarias, Cargill, Plum Rose and Labs

Vargas, and others were part of this initiative and became costumers clients of “La Metra


 In 2009, Leonardo simultaneously obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management from Preston

University and a degree in Corporate Strategic Communications at the Universidad Católica

Andrés Bello.

Later that year, moved by the passion to restore the democratic system in Venezuela, he decided

to get involved in the political communications field, and became a part of the founding

members of the Venezuelan political party, Voluntad Popular, where he held the position of

National Coordinator of Internal Communications, and years later a National Director of

Creative Communications. His most recent work as a member of the party was the coordination

of the team in charge of developing the national campaign for 33 candidates in different

localities municipalities of Venezuela during the election that year. His campaigns helped the

opposition to obtain the victory in 18 cities.

Motivated by his social vocation, in 2011, he founded “Dale la Mano a tu Par” with his partners

Gilber Caro and Mariana Bustamante.

In 2012, Leonardo Trechi and Geraldin Alvarez were recognized for the Iberoamerican Contest:

Electoral Campaign (Promesas Electorales) obtaining the first place in the category of designing

a Grassroots Strategy in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2014, thanks to the creation and development of a Social Media strategy to support the

opposition unit candidates in Venezuelan municipal elections of 2013, he and his partners

Carmen Beatriz Fernandez and Geraldine Alvarez were award winners of the International

recognition “Victory Awards” by Social Media Policy Strategy of the Year in Washington, DC.


He is currently a creative consultant for various organizations and a founder of the creative

agency “The Brains Bunch”.